We Can Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

At Total Health Dentistry, we offer a variety of general and cosmetic dental treatments to Mid-Michigan patients of all ages, including teeth whitening.

If aging and yellowing teeth is one of your biggest aesthetic concerns, we are excited to help you achieve whiter, brighter smiles with what is considered the most safe and effective method available today. With today’s technology, you can change the appearance of your teeth with minimal time in our office, so learn more to see if this treatment is right for you.

While we can polish off external (enamel) stains such as from coffee, tea and tobacco, the biggest factor leading to teeth darkening is something we cannot control: aging. As we grow older, the internal layer (dentin) or our tooth structure darkens and causing our bright smile to fade.

Fortunately, Dr. Susan and Dr. Tracey can reverse this process with teeth whitening! Take a look at the results of some of our patients:

This non-invasive treatment is fast, long lasting and beautiful—it wipes away the years. At your cleaning appointment we can capture molds to create effective custom fitted whitening “trays” that you can wear at night. The whitening agent you will use inside the tray is a carbamide peroxide based gel. It is considered state-of-the-art, safe and super effective. We will provide you with the care instructions you’ll need to get the best results possible.

Because the process is gradual and takes between one to five weeks, you can lighten until you (and Dr. Susan or Dr. Tracey) are happy with the results.

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