What Our Patients Are Saying

At Susan Maples, DDS, we are committed to providing our Mid-Michigan patients with great health that lasts a lifetime in a welcoming, comfortable and warm environment. Nothing makes us happier than to see how pleased our patients are with their results, whether it’s a regular cleaning, veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening or any of our other dental services.

Here is what some of our patients say about us:


Greetings of Gratitude


Dr. Susan,

I just want to express my gratitude for the excellent job you and your hardworking staff members do in keeping my smile in tip-top shape. It is because of you that I made several life-style changes to become a healthier “me”. I lost 30+ pounds and kept it off, drink a lot of water, eat a lot of veggies, floss and use the water pik… I could go on and on! I love your restoration of my smile and I’m dedicated to protecting it. I can’t bear to see you frown at me!!

Your Loyal Patient,


Dear Susan,

We left your office just overwhelmed with gratefulness last week! We had no idea that an experience at the dentist could be so unique! You and your team made us feel like honored guests at your office rather than just another patient. And, the special way they treated Zoë was so appreciated! We figured her favorite part about the afternoon would be “helping” Sherry or the treats she got in the hygienist’s chair or just being allowed to check everything out in the place; but, when we asked her, she said, “I really liked how the “teeth-cleaning girl” taught me how to floss and how she let me pick the flavor of the gritty stuff!” So, thank you for all that you guys did to make her fist visit a total blast for her!

Brad and I are also so appreciative of the thorough job you did while spending so much time really trying to assess exactly what our mouths needed. We never felt rushed as we explained our concerns or rushed by you to get us “in and out”! Your passion for doing your job well as well as making it comfortable and fun for the patient is very evident to us and we just can’t convey our genuine thankfulness for providing us such great dental care!

Please pass on our thanx to the team who took care of us- cleaning, entertaining Zoë , massaging, etc! You guys rock!

Brad, Amber, Zoë and Piper


Dear Susan,

… It is such a pleasure to be your patient because you and your staff are so friendly, patient and kind. I am lucky to have found you! …



Susan (& Staff),

Thank you so much for making what I thought was going to be HORRIBLE day a great day! My procedure wasn’t nearly as bad as I had worked myself up for, and I know it’s due to you making me feel so comfortable about what was happening. I was afraid to go to the dentist before I came to your office, but since I’ve been coming to you I no longer fear the dentist! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you did for me, it really means a lot and I wanted to let you know! Thanks again-I’m your biggest fan!!

Thank you so much for being such a GREAT group of gals!


Dear Wonderful Women,

Thank you so much for all your kind care and special touch. I am sure you must hear compliments all of the time, but I wanted to let you know how much your kindness meant to me!

Thank you,

Dear Susan, Connie, Sandi, Sherry, Kelly, Jean, Corri, Casey, Georgie and Shannon,

All you wonderful women!! I want to thank you all for the hard work you do. My heart- felt thank-you’s and appreciation for welcoming me, caring for me and making me feel special always and all ways! …you treat everyone with care (TLC), respect, warmth and kindness. You are all standouts in the bouquet of life! You make my smile brighter!

With my love and gratitude-
Karen xoxo’s


Dear Susan,

We are so incredibly grateful for the investment you and your staff made in our mouths these past few months! Thank you so much for the quality care you gave to each one of us…. We are all enjoying our new and improved smiles! You guys are an exceptional team of people who bring a very unique dental experience to the community! Your generosity and genuine care for us is inspiring-thanx a ton!

Brad, Amber, Zoë and Piper

For all the Wonderful Women in this office,

Thank you for the special care you offer to me and to everyone who comes through your doors! With love and deep respect for your incredible service to others!



“From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for taking the time to show that you care. There is no word that I know in English that can represent how much I am thankful to you and your team for what you have done in my life. I now understand some of the joys to be found from having a smile I can be proud of. I will always remember you in my life, for your kindness and generosity.”

(Patient, one of our “lost boys” from Sudan)

“Dear Susan,

I just wanted you to know how much I have always appreciated your leadership skills. Working with you for 6 years was life-changing for me in so many ways. I admire how you motivated our growth, personally and professionally—also your ability to empower people to achieve more than they ever imagined. It’s wonderful how you celebrate the accomplishments, no matter how big or small. I am a much stronger person in every way because of our time together. Thank you for all this and more!”


(Former dental assistant)


“Dear Susan:

You heard me say it at the meeting. - Well, let me say it again. “You’re good. You’re…. very good.” Susan, I was just blown away by both of your presentations. Your stage presence, your polished delivery, and the thought process that’s gone into your organization of material were all exceptional, and I am putting you on my very short list of superstar clinicians. I want to be very supportive of your efforts, as I feel your message will help many of the dentists that we are trying to encourage.
Thank you again and give our very best to your marvelous team. They just exude the quality that is representative of what you teach and it really shows.”

Peter E. Dawson, DDS
(Founder of the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Studies)


“Dear Susan,

I just read your recent article in the MDA Journal and reflected on all the time and effort you have put into helping member dentists throughout the years. I am sure I represent many other dentists who sincerely appreciate what you have done. You have achieved a level of excellence in many phases of dentistry that few have achieved and I am proud of your accomplishments.

Best of luck in the future,”
(Retired Lansing area periodontist)


You serve our profession well! You are a fine example of dentistry at its best. Thank you for letting me be a part of your 23 years here, and growing with you along the way. Your dad would be so very proud of you—for you are just like him in spirit.”

(Registered Dental Hygienist)

“Dear Susan,

I can’t seem to find enough time at work to tell you how much I appreciate being part of our “office family”. You have helped create a special bond between all of us and a wonderful place to care dearly for our patients and each other. What makes it unique and wonderful is a feeling of trust, confidence in each of us, shared goals, appreciation and about being the very best we can be! … I love working with you and speaking for our business team, we are always open to what we can do even better. Speaking for our patients, thank you for all you give, all you do and all you are!”

(Former business team member)


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  • Dr. Maples provided me with excellent care when I needed it the most.

    - Jennifer R.
  • Visiting Total Health Dentistry gives my family and me more reasons to smile.

    - The Johnson Family

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