Many people avoid dentistry because they are afraid. Even if you are not avoiding care but you find yourself anxious about your dental appointments, we can help! We realize that your dental anxiety makes it hard for you to understand what is happening, cooperate and help us achieve ideal results. You have that "fight-or-flight" response and it naturally challenges a dental procedure. Usually that feeling stems from an uncomfortable or frightening experience in the past. If we are talking about you, you have come to the right place. Dr. Susan Maples and her entire team offer you a sincere commitment to your safety and relaxation during your dental visits.

Depending on what your experiences have been and what bothers you the most, we will customize your relaxation techniques to give you a new and wonderful experience in dentistry—one you never knew was possible.

Complementary Relaxation Services

We offer nitrous oxide (relaxing gas), and oral sedation to help you relax but we find that the creative array of supportive relaxation services helps our patients have a wonderful experience without medication.

Massage: We employ a gifted massage therapist to help relax you during your dental procedure or cleaning appointment. We find that therapeutic touch helps you take the focus off your mouth during your visit. It is a wonderful way to change your dental experience.

  • Hand/lower arm massage Enjoy this with your choice of scented or unscented lotion. Feel free to add lavender scented hand warming mittens and relax those tired muscles in your hands with lightly scented heated mittens.
  • Foot massage: Choose this with your choice of lotion and warming booties to help take the focus off your mouth during your visit.
  • Facial or temporal massage – Your facial muscles can sometimes get sore after a dental visit. A facial massage in our massage studio can relax tired muscles and can help relieve headaches.
"Giving relaxation, relieving pain, capturing memories and making people smile-how lucky am I? Massage fulfills my need to help people and at the same time gives me the kind of job satisfaction that I haven’t found at any other work place."
Elizabeth, Certified Massage Therapist

Elizabeth also provides full body massage in our massage studio across the hall.

Learn more about Elizabeth's services.

Paraffin hand treatment and jewelry cleaning: Let us dip your hands in warm wax before your appointment to moisturize and soothe tired muscles in your hands. This treatment is great for arthritis and dry skin. You can also get your jewelry cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner. This can all be done while you’re sitting in the dental chair.

Heated aromatherapy (or unheated) neck pillow: Support and soothe those aching muscles in your neck with heat and aromatherapy to relax you.

Warmth: Warm yourself with a soft cozy blanket during your appointment.

Personal aromatherapy: Relaxing blends of essential oils may be placed on your bib so you can breathe in the therapeutic effects during your procedure. Before you leave, choose an energizing scent to enhance your mood.

Massaging dental chair pad: Get a soothing back massage with optional heat while sitting in the dental chair.

Finish your visit with a warm face towel: Let us refresh you with a lightly scented warm face towel after your visit.

Take a break or relax before your appointment: Relax all by yourself in our peaceful, dimly lit library while reclining in a life-touch chiropractic massage chair. This specialized chair has many massage functions to choose from. You can even get your legs massaged at the same time.

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